The attainment and maintenance of the highest HSEQ standards is one of the main priorities for Enerquip AS.
Our HSEQ goals are equally as important as our economic goals.
We want Enerquip to be a healthy and safe workplace without accident or incident.
Our vision is ZAP( zero accident policy), with safe and healthy work environment.

In order to reach these goals we will endeavour to:

  • Integrate HSEQ into all our activities.
  • Take responsibility for our own actions and behaviour.
  • Notify– staff, clients and visitors will be encouraged to speak out if unacceptable behaviour is observed.
  • Promote a pleasant and healthy work environment.
  • Minimalize the impact on the environment.
  • Cooperate openly with customers and suppliers to further develop and strengthen our HSEQ-culture.
  • Always strive to reach our ambitious and measureable HSEQ-targets.
  • Appreciate great HSEQ-achievements.
  • Follow up – a visible, strong and supportive leadership will deal promptly and effectively with any issues raised.
  • Attend to the needs of our customers, employees and the community.
  • Create a safe working environment.
  • Continuously identify risks and implement preventive measures promptly and effectively.

Enerquip AS cooperates with Energos Equipment AS, which manufactures our equipment.
Energos Equipment AS is certified to ISO 9001: 2015.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Enerquip AS is a qualified suppliers in Achilles


Energos Equipment AS – ISO 9001 PDF