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About Enerquip

Machines Tailored For Your Needs

Enerquip focuses on delivering safe reliable products with superior performance in high quality with in a compact design to secure the waterflow.

Due to the innovations, we have made, our machines are significantly lighter in size than almost all our competitors. 

Our Products

Frøya TRCM

Enerquip electrical Frøya TRCM is developed for small water intakes and gratings.


Enerquip Loke TRCM is suitable for small power plants with less waste fractions.


The Odin TRCM is for water intake and gratings with significant waste fractions from grass, twigs, leafs and up to medium heavy logs etc.


The Thor TRCM is for the larger water intakes and gratings that goes deep and needs to handle large waste fractions with a great removal capacity up to heavy logs and waste.

Balder TRCM

The Balder TRCM can clean many small and medium water intakes and gratings that has with significant waste fractions from grass, twigs, leafs and up to heavy logs.


Enerquip has a range of enhancenment product for the Trash Rack Cleaning Machines.


Client Testimony

Our Trash Rack Cleaning Machines(TRCM) are available with several different solutions and have good references from users, including Agder Energi.

Especially on large power plants with large amounts of water are our TRCM very effective.

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Enerquip is the technology leader in Trash Rack Cleaning Machines. Founded in 2008, our machines are tailored to each site, taking into consideration factors that generic machines cannot address.

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