Enerquip Loke TRCM is suitable for small power plants with less waste fractions.

Loke TRCM cleaner is cheaper to purchase than the larger ones, but still has the same functionality as the larger models.

The TRCM is easily operated with a remote control or is fully automatic.

The cleaning claw works gently and efficiently against the trash racks. The cleaning claw is only pressed against the gate by its own weight water pressure.

The cleaning is carried out from the top of the trash racks to the bottom. When the cleaning claw har reached to the bottom, it is closed and the waste is transported up to the surface and on to the desired emptying place.

The TRCM can also be driven outwards into the water surface.

This machine comes in both 100% electric and hydraulic versions.

Additional information

Data sheet

Download the Loke TRCM datasheet below to get additional information about the product.


• Camera in claw for underwater inspection with tablet.
• Ice program / winter program
• Heating cable in rail

Technical data

• Witdth of cleaning claw: 1 m
• Telescopic boom max: 12 m
• Lifting capacity telescope fully retracted: 400 kg
• Cleaning width is determined by width on intake
• Electro-cylinder: Linak
• Electro components: OEM, Elektroskandia, Solar
• Hydraulic cylinder: Lind Jensen Maskinfabrikk
• Hydraulic component: Sauer Danfoss
• Radio control HBC Radiomatic Norway

Media of Loke TRCM