The Thor TRCM is for the larger water intakes and trash racks that goes deep and needs to handle large waste fractions with a great removal capacity up to heavy logs and waste etc.

Enerquip Thor TRCM is a really robust and is a great lifting capacity machine.

Enerquip Thor TRCM are made with powerful hydraulic cylinders running the hydraulic claw and grabbing the waste before it is lifted up and away from the intake and trash racks.

The weight of the claw in combination with the water pressure give Thor TRCM the unique cleaning method at the same time the trash racks is treated in a safe and secure manner.

There is a wear plate under the claw to prevent damage to the trash racks.

Enerquip Thor TRCM can be easily operated using a remote
control or in automatic mode using sensors that monitor the water flow.

The hydraulic claw works in a secure and efficient way and the only pressure against the trash racks is its own weight and water pressure.

Thor TRCM comes with several options and designs that match the water intake and trash racks.

Enerquip focuses on delivering safe and reliable products with
superior performance in high quality with a compact design.

Remote controller for Thor TRCM

Thor TRCM comes with a remote control with two multifunction joystick where up to six functions are operated simultaneously.

Desired function speed can operated directly from the controller

Additional information

Data sheet

Download the Thor TRCM datasheet below to get additional information about the product.


• Cabin with heating and monitor for camera.
• Heat the rails.
• Greater lifting capacity
• Slewing ring
• Cover for the machine to protection against the weather
• Camera in claw for inspection under water
• Separate units for intakes with out electic (Diesel generator)
• Separate waste container
• Fully automatic

Technical data

• Width hydraulic gripper 2.2 m
• Hydraulic telescopic from: 5-35 m
• Capacity telescope completely inserted 3000kg and more
• Rise above ground 3.3 m
• Hydraulic components Sauer Danfoss
• Cylinders Lind Jensen Maskinfabrikk
• Hose reel Specma Component
• Electrical Components (OEM, Elektroskandia, Solar)
• Radio control HBC Radio Matic Norway

Media of Thor TRCM