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Enerquip is the technology leader in Trash Rack Cleaning Machines. Founded in 2008, our machines are tailored to each site, taking into consideration factors that generic machines cannot address.

Quality, Flexibility and Experience

Experienced professionals. Modern machines. Guaranteed delivery! This is why Eiken Mekaniske Verksted is a preferred cooperation partner for customers who place high demands on quality, safety and function. Through a combination of industry perhaps best qualified professionals and the most modern machines, we have what it takes to maintain the high quality of the entire production line.

Eiken Mekaniske Verksted is a preferred cooperation partner for customers who place high demands on:
• Quality
• Safety and function
• Experienced professionals
• Modern machines
• Guaranteed delivery.

We Got the Tools

World leading Enerquip International Trash Rack Cleaning Machines (TRMC) comes in a range from Micro to Large Models with Superior Performance in High Quality and Compact design.

Enerquip AS was started in 2008 as an engineering company that designs equipment according to customer requirements, such as Trash Rack Cleaning Machines( TRCM), thrash racks, hatches and other mechanical equipment for the waterways and hydropower industry and is located in Eiken in Agder county.


Enerquip designs and manufactures TRCM’s, thrashracks, hatches and other mechanical equipment for waterway. Our strength lies in flexibility in designing and manufacturing. Our manufacturing partner, Eiksen Mekaniske Verksted have capacity to create the largest and most advanced thing you could ever wish.

Long Experience

Long Experience since 1975
Our cooperation parner Eiken Mekaniske Verksted  has since 1975 worked in the offshore and onshore industry where quality and durability has been a major focus.

Great Solutions

Enerquip AS is a provider of Trash Rack cleaning Macines  and associated equipment for small and large hydropower plants, as well as various components for the wind power industry. The TRCM is developed by Enerquip AS and produced by Eiken Mekaniske Verksted.

We can tailor complete solutions with different types of management. For example: manual, remote controlled, full automation … In addition to the TRCM we offer services on construction and calculation of hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and PLC systemer.Vi have good partners in production and can  deliver equipment with complete documentation as a complete package.

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