Pipes for heating cable mounted on rails:

Welded on four tubes on the track where you can mount a heating cable if it ever needed to keep top of the beam of ice / snow-free.
Pipes for heating cable mounted on rails.

Camera System

Camera in claw, Luxus compact camera.
Light in claw, Luxus Power led
Cable barrel for transmission of video signal and voltage.
Monitor Cabinet: monitor for video signal, battery charger, shelf for storing remote control, power outlet and heater

PV500 Recorder

Recorder mounted monitor cabinet
This recorder can save the film from the camera that is mountet inside the claw on a 8Gb SD card so that it can be used as documentation for and inspection of the grating.

Light on main boom

2 pcs Power beam 43 Watt led light on boom.
Light operated from remote control.
Light mounted on to the boom.

DP700 and TP700 Screen / Display
Screen Camera in claw
Readings of hydraulic pressure
Readings of electric values
Temperature in oil tank
Cleaning length in meters
Cleaning width in meters

Soft starter

Soft starter installed in the control cabinet
Soft start will be beneficial for the engine and reduce the starting current of 7x by direct start to 4-5x with soft start. Soft starter has its own display where you see including power consumption.
Soft start electric motor


Good overview of the intake
Screen for camera mounted inside the cabin
Can be installed easily afterwards on medium and Large TRCM’s


Cover machine in extreme weather conditions
The cover prevents that machine snow down
Protection of hydraulic equipment
Protection of electrical components


Transition between instep and concrete, where grating located outside the concrete.
This is to get a nice transition to the machine

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