Visitors from Avista

Last week we had visitors from Avista. A team of 4 nice guys from Spokane, Washington, came to observe the FAT of their Odin TRCM from Enerquip. As a part of the process, they also visited some other sites where our Enerquip TRCMs have been used for many years. They visited Gjøv HPP (Å Energi), Åmli HPPs (Å Energi), where they met with Bjørn Otto Mjåland, Åmotfoss HPP (Cloudberry Clean Energy), where they met Stian Aasbak, and Pikerfoss HPP (Å Energi), where they met Torgrim Øvrebø.

Though there is 9 hours time difference between Norway and Spokane, the challenges for hydropower plants are very much the same! Lots of experience, information, and advice, was shared, in addition to lots of hunting and fishing stories also! Some the fishes caught were very big…!

It was the first trip to Norway for all our guests, and we hope they enjoyed Norwegian hospitality, and most of all, the weather! As Norwegians, we all know that Norwegian summer is “always” like it was last week (nice, sunny and warm) in Southern and Eastern Norway…!

The FAT went well and their Odin TRCM is now being dismantled and prepared for packaging and transport from Eiken to Spokane – a journey that will take a month. Installation will take place in August 2023. By the end of August 2023, the Odin TRCM will be formally handed over to Avista.

On behalf of Enerquip, we would like to thank Å Energi and Cloudberry Clean Energy for their kind assistance in regards to the site visits – which were very useful and valuable for our guests from Avista.

Says Erik Brandsrud, CEO, Enerquip: “I am really happy to give Avista a TRCM tailored to their needs. Their Odin TRCM is second to none and will ensure maximum uptime at Upper Falls. Our local partner in that region, Embertech Industrial, will ensure service and support is provided, should it be necessary. The level of technical skills is very high among the Avista staff, which is very reassuring for us, as human error is the only thing we cannot do anything about.”

workers in yellow wests
Pic: Pikerfoss, Kongsberg