Micro TRCM

Enerquip MICRO TRCM is developed for small water intakes and gratings.
A blade can be mounted on the machine to remove grass, twigs and leaves
that can block the grating on the water intake.
Easy to install with low maintenance and for a reasonable price it’s a good
solution for small power plants with small
water intakes that don’t have to remove heavy waste
like floating logs etc.
The MICRO TRCM requires very little maintenance and is operator friendly
with an easy accessable panel on the back of the
It can be remotely controlled or fully automatic with the use of flow sensors
on water intake and gate.
Enerquip MICRO TRCM is fully electric driven from a 3kW motor, so no
hydraulic installation is required.
Enerquip focuses on delivering safe and reliable products with superior performance
in high quality with a compact design.

Technical spesification:
• Blade maximum 4 m
• Max Cleaning depth: 7 m
• Electric driven 3kW
• Cleaning methode: bottom to top

Micro TRCM Data Sheet