Medium TRCM

Enerquip MEDIUM TRCM is a very robust yet operator friendly machine that is the best selling TRCM with a great all round strength for slightly more demanding intakes.
The MEDIUM TRCM is for water intake and gratings with significant waste fractions from grass, twigs, leafs and up to medium heavy logs etc.
This machine has the same functionality as the larger model and can be operated automatically with the use of sensors or by a
remote control.
The weight of the gripper and the water pressure is the only pressure on to the grating together with a wear plastic strip on the hydraulic gripper which will not harm the grating.
Operation mode is to lower down and use the hydraulic gripper on the tray to recover the waste before this lifting up and away.
The Medium TRCM comes in several options with a design to match the water intake and gratings sizes.
Enerquip focuses on delivering safe and reliable products with superior performance in high quality with a compact design.

Technical specifications:

  • Width of Hydraulic gripper: 1,5 m
  • Hydraulic telescopic from: 3-14 m
  • Capacity telescope completely inserted 750 kg
  • Hydraulic components Sauer Danfoss
  • Cylinders Lind Jensen Maskinfabrikk
  • Hose reel Specma Component
  • Electrical Components (OEM, Elektroskandia, Solar)
  • Radio control HBC Radio Matic Norway

Option Enerquip Medium TRCM:

  • Cabin with warmth and monitor camera
  • Heat the rails
  • Camera in claw for inspection under water
  • Soft starter for electric motor
  • Separate units for electroless intake( Diesel generator)
  • Extra lifting capacity
  • Full automation
  • Cover for the machine to protection against the weather


Remote control with two multifunction joystick where up to six functions are operated simultaneously.
Desired function speed can operated directly from the controller

Medium TRCM Data sheet