Our Products

Micro TRCM

Enerquip MICRO TRCM is developed for small water intakes and gratings.
A blade can be mounted on the machine to remove grass, twigs and leaves
that can block the grating on the water intake.

Small TRCM

Enerquip SMALL TRCM is suitable for small power plants with less waste fractions.
The SMALL TRCM is a low cost investment and has the same
functionality as the larger TRCM to remove grass, twigs, leafs
and small logs etc.

Medium TRCM

Enerquip MEDIUM TRCM is a very robust yet operator friendly machine that is the best selling TRCM with a great all round strength for slightly more demanding intakes.
The MEDIUM TRCM is for water intake and gratings with significant waste fractions from grass, twigs, leafs and up to medium heavy logs etc.

Large TRCM

Enerquip LARGE TRCM is a really robust and is a great lifting capacity machine.
The TRCM is for the larger water intakes and gratings that goes deep and needs to handle large waste fractions with a great
removal capacity up to heavy logs and waste etc.

Mobile TRCM

Enerquip MOBILE TRCM Model 1 and 2 is designed for the power plant that want to have the  flexibility and need of cleaning many small and medium water intakes and gratings that has  with significant waste fractions from grass, twigs , leafs and up to heavy logs.( max 2000 kg)


Enerquip has a range of enhancenment product for the Trash Rack Cleaning Machines

Trash Racks and Hatches

Enerquip can supply gratings for the gate and intakes in all sizes and will be customed made for each project in high quality and built to last for many years.