Our Trash Rack cleaning Machines  available with several different solutions and have good references from users, including, in Agder Energi.

Especially on large power plants with large amounts of water are our TRCM are very effective.

There is plenty of power and there are no problem running theTRCM with power station in full operation. Another significant thing is that the machine can pick up  debrie that are on the water surface.

Finally then the waste can be tipped directly into the container so that personnel do not need to take hold of this manually.  There are also opportunities to see the machines in operation at Agder Energi Produksjon AS. From there you can of course get neutral references from satisfied users.

Just contact us for more information and if you want a demo.

    «Grind Cleaning Keren scavenges  from top to down. Have a gripper instead of a rake – can fetch bebrie 10m out on the water surface. It can cuts the difficult common bulbous rush and also  works very well on trees, twigs and other debrie that are on the Trash rack and around»

     «Inge Lines, Agder Energy Produksjon»

Feedback from customers

Enerquip got many great feedback from customers who has bought and used our Trash rack cleanings machines and here is some of them:


“Enerquip grindrenskere is very good. Competitors do not have the technology required that we demand. “

EB kraft 2

” Enerquip is outstanding in custom made product. A clear competitive advantage”

Sira kvina

“Top pleased both with equipment and services. A very important safety measures. TRCM’s from Enerquip is more thoughtful and robust than competitors. “


“200% satisfied. Seems very good. Completely different world. Runs without errors. Doing the job for 10 men. Future power plant personnel do not by rake by hand. HSE focus increases in the future “


” Enerquip have shown exceptionally good service and ability to custom made products”